Reticularis magnocellularis in the medulla, leading to hyperpolarisation of spinal motor neurones. A condition similar to rbd were produced in cats by bilateral pontine tegmental section [4]. viagra y alcohol yahoo Loss of monoaminergic brainstem nuclei was found at post mortem examination of a human case of rbd [5], and the association of rbd with neurodegenerative disorders such as progressive supranuclear palsy and multiple system atrophy suggests that the disorder could be caused by destruction or functional depression of the peri-locus coeruleus nuclei. Clonidine is a relatively selective partial agonist at central and peripheral a2-adrenoceptors. This receptor is chiefly found at presynaptic sites on oradrenaline-releasing neurones, and stimulation inhibits noradrenaline release, leading to reduced arousal and improved sleep continuity. We suggest that clonidine has a direct effect on the maintenance of rem atonia via noradrenergic transmission. Our findings, taken with those of onofrj, strengthen the theory that central a2- adrenoceptors are involved in the pathogenesis of rbd. buy viagra References 1. Onofrj m, luciano al, thomas a, iacono d, d'andreamatteo g. Mirtazapine induces rem sleep behavior disorder (rbd) in parkinsonism. Neurology 2003;60:113-115. 2. Autret a, minz m, beillevaire t, cathala hp, schmitt h. overnight usa order viagra online Effect of clonidine on sleep patterns in man. viagra pills Eur j clin pharmacol 1977;12:319-322. 3. effects of viagra for women Gentili a, godschalk mf, gheorgiou d, nelson k, julius da, mulligan t. Effect of clonidine and yohimbine on sleep in healthy men: a double- blind, randomized, controlled trial. viagra viagra viagra now Eur j clin pharmacol 1996;50:463-465. 4. Hendricks jc, morrison ar, mann gl. Different behaviors during paradoxical sleep without atonia depend on pontine lesion site. Brain res 1982;239:81-105. order viagra 5. Turner rs, d'amato cj, chervin rd, blaivas m. viagra without prescription The pathology of rem sleep behavior disorder with comorbid lewy body dementia. Neurology 2000;55:1730-1732. cheap viagra online Writeclick now! Submit your comment published may 28, 2003 reply to letter to the editor marco onofrj astrid thomas servizio di neurofisiopatologia pescara italy we thank nash et al. symbolism of viagra bathtubs For their comments. The suggestion that the partial a2 adrenoreceptor agonist clonidine might reduce rbd has important therapeutic implications, and we. viagra gold 800mg