Username password forgotpassword? low cost viagra from canada Register    why register?   data samples docs documents contact us home browse▲ analysis tools help▲ about multiple myeloma genomics portal (mmgp) the multiple myeloma genomics portal is a part of the multiple myeloma genomics initiative, a collaboration of the multiple myeloma research consortium, the broad institute of mit and harvard, and the translational genomics research institute (tgen). Funding is provided by the multiple myeloma research foundation. Development of the portal and data curation was performed by the portal team of the broad institute and dana farber cancer center. The multiple myeloma genomics portal (mmgp) has been made available to provide access to and limited analysis of the mmgp portal data sets. These include the mmrc funded reference acgh and gene expression data and additional public multiple myeloma datasets. The mmgp will be updated with new features such as additional data and analysis tools as they become available. News / events may 22, 2012: the mmgp has been updated to a new version. order viagra As a part of this change, the comparative marker selection analysis has been renamed as differential expression for greater clarity  mar 15, 2012: we have added a new dataset containing affymetrix snp array data for monoclonal gammopathies samples. viagra daily use canada   may 24, 2011: the mmgp has been updated and the samplebrowser is once again fully functional.   may 23, 2011: the sample browser is temporarily broken due to an update of the portal. As a temporary workaround, you can browse the samples as part of the first step of gsea or comparativemarkerselection. A fix will be released as soon as possible.   mar 23, 2011: multiple myeloma research foundation spearheads genome sequencing  more... Apr 30, 2010: the mmgp terms of access have been updated. generic viagra ingredients Please review the revised terms of access.   more... Apr 30, 2010: the mmgp has been updated to version 2. 7. 4.   new user? viagra daily use canada Please register for full access to the data and analyses tools mmgp provides. restaurants in the viagra triangle chicago Terms of access   register tutorials / manuals tutorials, analysis descriptions and other documentation is available at: help > documents publications latest advances and current challenges in the treatment of multiple myeloma. ,  mahindra a et al. , nat rev clin oncol. , 2012 drug response in a genetically engineered mouse model of multiple myeloma is predictive of clinical efficacy. buy viagra ,  chesi m et al. , blood, 2012 prediction of cytogenetic abnormalities with gene expression profiles. ,  zhou y et al. , blood, 2012 all publications what you can do on this portal search for information enter a keyword to search for genes, news items and publications. viagra generic Search results for a gene include links to annotations and analyses. Data sets browse, analyze and download studies and data sets. B.