You are here: home > collections > rheumatoid arthritis elbows replaced in two hours kounteya sinha, tnn sep 18, 2007, 03. buy generic viagra overnight shipping 39am ist new delhi: fifty-two-year-old savita devi could hardly move her elbows. Red and swollen up, the elbow joints experienced excruciating pain, every time she tried to move it. viagra pills After suffering for over four years, savita devi, who was a patient of acute rheumatoid arthritis, now tosses her granddaughter roshni into the air with utmost ease. The pain has gone and so has the swelling and stiffness of her elbow joints. She underwent a total elbow replacement surgery, a highly effective surgery. cheap viagra online Dr naveen talwar, orthopaedic surgeon at sir ganga ram hospital, who has conducted seven such successful surgeries in the past eight months, says lack of awareness both among doctors and patients has been the cause for the surgery's low prevalence. "hips and knees are common weight bearing joints and are therefore more prone to arthritis. costo viagra mexico precio Patients are now aware of hips and knees being replaced. viagra history development But those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis of the elbow or post-traumatic arthritis should know that elbow replacement surgery is also being conducted in india," dr talwar says. viagra canada online According to experts, at present only 2% of all arthroplasty (joint replacement surgeries) are that of the elbow. buy generic viagra online Rheumatoid arthritis at the elbow, however, accounts for 40% of all arthritis cases. Boasting of a good success rate, elbow replacement surgery lasts two hours and requires the patient to be in hospital for three days. viagra generic "at the end of two weeks, the patient will be able to move his or her elbows at will and have no pain. buy generic viagra overnight shipping The bio-inert implants, made of either titanium or stainless steel, give the patient relief for at least 15 years and cause no reaction with the tissues," he adds. viagra cost in mexico Dr subhasish deb, orthopaedic surgeon from kolkata, says, "elbow replacement surgery is not very common in india. Till now, there weren't many patients coming forward for it and so the number of doctors trained in this procedure was also low. buy generic viagra overnight shipping " senior orthopaedic surgeon dr j p manocha says, "an elbow join. how to buy safe viagra online viagra no prescription